Will Turkey’s currency turmoil pose broader economic challenges across global financial markets? PGIM’s managers discuss a confluence of factors that led to the free fall in the lira, and potential outcomes to monitor.

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Long-term views on the investment implications of megatrends.

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We see alpha in today’s global megatrends. At PGIM, we help clients see the investable implications of today’s most important economic and societal trends – the megatrends that we believe will reshape the U.S. and the world, driving long-term value. PGIM provides a broader lens through which to view those opportunities, across a broad range of asset classes and countries, to capture real investment alpha. Unprecedented urban expansion and global longevity are two of those trends.


Views addressing today’s institutional investor concerns.

Markets & Economy

PGIM’s asset managers provide forward-looking analyses of market forces impacting the coming quarter, and concise reviews of key market activity, formulated for the institutional investor.

Asset Allocation

To position institutional portfolios ahead of macro trends, risk factors and market cycles, asset allocation is key. This collection of commentary from strategy specialists provides thoughtful perspectives by asset class and sector.

The Value of Active

PGIM managers are experts at discovering opportunities for long-term growth and delivering alpha for institutional clients. 


PGIM’s independent investment businesses specialize by asset class and approach. Read institutional thought leadership by strategy, from capital market experts.

The U.S. Labor Productivity Puzzle

PGIM Fixed Income examines a number of hypotheses that have been put forward to explain the perplexing slowing of U.S. labor productivity.


Small Caps’ Turn

With global equities still bouncing around, US small caps are quietly having a big year. Here’s why we believe the outperformance should continue.

Global Outlook: Focusing on Growth

PGIM Real Estate identifies themes and assesses opportunities in a world in which yield compression is slowing and returns are lower than investors have become accustomed to in recent years.