Emerging Markets at the Crossroads

A radical shift in the forces shaping emerging market (EM) growth will require investors to take a different investment approach from what may have worked in the past. Increasingly, discovering EM investment opportunities will be rooted in the ability to capture the alpha from the new growth drivers, rather than in chasing the beta of the broad EM universe.

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We See Alpha in Today’s Global Megatrends.

At PGIM, we help clients see the investable implications of today's most important economic and societal trends – the megatrends that we believe will reshape the U.S. and the world, driving long-term value. PGIM provides a broader lens through which to view those opportunities, across a broad range of asset classes and countries, to capture real investment alpha. Unprecedented urban expansion and global longevity are two of those trends.

Urban Expansion

Rising Longevity


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The 20th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference

"Building Meaningful Lives"
April 30 - May 3, 2017 | Los Angeles

PGIM is proud to be a gold sponsor of the 20th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference, which brings together brilliant minds that possess the ability to move the world forward in a variety of ways. Milken’s commitment to the power of ideas makes this a dynamic forum where we can contribute our expertise while gaining new ideas from the vast network of accomplished and influential people from all over the globe.


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