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Revisiting The Role of Alternatives
in Asset Allocation

From the US stock market’s bottom in March 2009 through December 2015, US broad market equity indices returned more than 200%, far surpassing the gains made in most alternative strategies. As a result, many institutional investors are finding themselves faced with the question: Why invest in alternative assets if they underperformed equities and cost significantly more than traditional strategies?

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We See Alpha in Today’s Global Megatrends.

At PGIM, we help clients see the investable implications of today's most important economic and societal trends – the megatrends that we believe will reshape the U.S. and the world, driving long-term value. PGIM provides a broader lens through which to view those opportunities, across a broad range of asset classes and countries, to capture real investment alpha. Unprecedented urban expansion and global longevity are two of those trends.

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What does U.K.'s Brexit mean for the markets?

The U.K. decision to make a so-called “Brexit” from the European Union, while a significant event with far-reaching political, financial and economic implications, will play out over a fairly long period. Investor concerns are understandable, but it’s important to avoid overreacting to current volatility. As we have seen over the last 140 years of managing money, major events often create temporary upheaval as sentiment does more to drive markets than a real understanding of long term outcomes.

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