Fixed Income Expertise Built On The Strength Of The Rock.

​For nearly 90 years, through all market cycles, PGIM Fixed Income has drawn on a deep discipline in credit research and risk management to add value for our clients.1

We're an active global fixed income manager bringing scale, stability, and broad capabilities to the pursuit of consistently strong, risk-adjusted returns.


A Global Presence With Offices In:

The following table describes the office locations, AUM, and clients per region.
Region Office Assets Clients
North America Newark, NJ $441.2 billion 465
Europe, Middle East & Africa London $58.6 billion 70
Asia & Australia Singapore $15.3 billion 15
Japan Tokyo $179.6 billion 24

Managing $695 billion globally

•    $291 billion for proprietary accounts
•    $284 billion for institutional accounts
•    $120 billion for retail accounts


282 investment professionals

•    Senior investment professionals average 28 years
      industry experience and 18 years firm experience 

Global Client Base

•    14 sovereign wealth funds and central banks
•    38 of the 100 largest U.S. pension funds2
•    29 of the 100 largest global pension funds3
•    9 of the top 20 Fortune 100 companies


Featured Perspectives

From Greece to Bondholders with Love

Jürgen Odenius, Managing Director, Economic Counsellor

Greece’s ability to potentially exit its bailout program in the summer of 2018 is a nod to both the progress made during early reviews of the ESM-financed adjustment program and to the fact that the political interests of all parties are aligned, for once. As a result, bondholders are likely to benefit from the establishment of a cash buffer that could meet the government’s financing needs for the foreseeable future.    

What's Up with Global Inflation?

Nathan Sheets PhD., Chief Economist and Head of Global Macroeconomic Research

We find a compelling case for inflation expectations to be low, stable, and well anchored. This means that investors have good empirical reasons both for requiring low inflation compensation for holding bonds and for demanding relatively small compensation for inflation risk.

Source(s) of data (unless otherwise noted): PGIM Fixed Income as of September 30, 2017 

1 Any discussion of risk management is intended to describe PGIM Fixed Income's efforts to monitor and manage risk but does not imply low risk. All investing involves risk, including the risk of loss.

2 Source of U.S. pension fund data: Pensions & Investments Top 1000 U.S. Pension Funds, published February 6, 2017 and S&P's MMD Top 100 U.S. Pensions.  

3 Source of global pension fund data: IPE Top 1000 Global Institutional Investors - 2017 and S&P's MMD Top 100 Global Pensions