Serving investors since 1975, QMA targets superior risk-adjusted returns by combining research-driven quantitative processes built on economic and behavioral foundations with judgment from experienced market practitioners.


QMA factors in experience to factor out noise

In a market crowded with quants, QMA’s 40+ year track record as a leader in the search for long-term alpha stands apart. A pioneer in quant investing, QMA takes a dynamic investment approach based on fundamental insights. Seeking to reduce unintended risks, QMA brings time-tested judgment earned from decades of managing through various market cycles.


Pioneer and leader in quant investing

A 40+ year track record of building equity and multi-asset investment solutions that have navigated a broad range of investment environments.

Disciplined philosophy and process

Exhaustive research underlying a focused adaptive use of factors, capturing inefficiencies due to biases in buying behavior, is key to achieving superior investment performance.

Sustainable long-term performance

The sustainability of our investment performance, earned through deep, rigorous and collaborative research, stands the test of time.

Stability and focus

Organizational structure combines the culture of an investment boutique with the resources of one of the largest asset managers in the world.



Investment Focus

Quantitative Equity and Dynamic Asset Allocation


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QMA is the primary business name of QMA LLC, a registered investment advisor and PFI company.

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