Across all of PGIM’s businesses, we maintain a commitment to investment performance, product innovation, and integrity, while serving the ever-changing needs of our global client base.



As Diverse as Our Communities

Attracting and retaining diverse talent leads to more impactful and innovative solutions for our global client base. We are committed to providing an inclusive workplace that promotes the development of that talent, provides a collaborative environment and encourages all of us to bring our authentic selves to work every day. Achieving PGIM’s ambitious goals takes equally ambitious efforts to attract and retain a diverse employee base.

Ambitious Recruiting, Talent Development

We offer numerous training and development programs for all employees, including the differently abled, LGBT individuals, minorities, women, and veterans. We also are committed to inclusionary practices and policies that boost the welfare and morale of all employees. In fact, PGIM was instrumental in securing Prudential Financial, Inc.’s (PFI) sponsorship, along with a number of other major corporations, of a Supreme Court amicus brief in support of marriage equality.

D&I Video

PGIM is honored to be named Toigo's Leading by Example Award Recipient

The award recognizes our dedication and commitment to Toigo’s mission, which aims to foster the career advancement of diverse talent in our industry and strategic capital deployment that promotes inclusive environments around the world. Toigo is an organization focused on diverse hiring and career advancement practices, to create an 18-month rotational program focused on careers in real estate investing.  

PGIM also participated in the organization’s 2017 Catapult Fellowship program, a four-day networking and training event that primes first-year MBA students for successful finance careers, along with sending executives to speak at marquee Toigo Foundation events.

PGIM’s Next Generation of Leaders: The Inaugural Student Veteran Cohort Program

Millions of dollars on the line. Sensitive information. The project to upgrade one of PGIM and Prudential’s primary accounting systems can’t be trusted to just anyone. Enter PGIM summer intern Marvin Sosa. In his two-plus months with the PGIM Information and Operations Systems team, Sosa performed crucial regression testing to make sure the new systems are up to snuff. How can the company entrust such work to a college student? It’s easy when your intern has had high-level security clearance, the respect of generals and responsibility accounting for more than a billion dollars of military ammunition—every last tank shell and pistol round.



Investment Performance

Our mission is to achieve superior results for our clients. We set challenging targets, rigorously analyze returns, and continually deepen our expertise.

Talent and Culture

Each of our businesses has a partnership-like autonomy that benefits from PGIM’s resources and infrastructure. Our overall culture fosters the performance and collaboration that attract high-caliber talent and inspire long tenures. 


We continually evolve our product offerings to meet client needs by developing new strategies, launching new funds, collaborating across our businesses and investing capital to test new ideas.

Winning with Integrity

PGIM has earned the trust of clients and our communities over decades by safeguarding their interests, keeping our promises and doing business the right way—with integrity.


PGIM believes that Environmental, Social, and Governance factors (ESG) can be material when evaluating investment opportunities and risks. Considering these factors is consistent with our ultimate fiduciary duty—searching for the highest risk-adjusted returns for our clients. Upon a client’s request, we will customize the management of client mandates to specific ESG directives to the extent practicable. 

Three of the PGIM businesses—PGIM Real Estate, PGIM Fixed Income, and QMA—are signatories to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment. Additionally, PGIM has been a member of the Investment Network on Climate Risk since 2009, working with institutional investors on building best practices for sustainable investing.