To position institutional portfolios ahead of macro trends, risk factors and market cycles, asset allocation is key. This collection of commentary from strategy specialists provides thoughtful perspectives by asset class and sector.

Anchor to Windward: Aligning Absolute Return Objectives

PGIM’s Institutional Advisory & Solutions introduce a new measure of performance sustainability, the Anchor ratio, which can help investors identify absolute return strategies and funds with more consistent and sustained performance, as well as other desirable performance characteristics.



Asset Allocation Framework for Investors with Illiquid Private Assets

Many investors are comfortable with the notion of segmenting their portfolios into liquid and illiquid buckets. But what is the optimal illiquid-liquid asset mix for a long-horizon investor? Read more.


Real Assets for Predictable Income Streams

Increasingly institutional investors are becoming more attracted to real assets, like real estate, agriculture, infrastructure and private debt investment as a potential predictable source of income. PGIM’s unique multi-manager model offer investors global diversification, across real asset classes, industries and sectors. See how PGIM’s real assets capabilities can help investors create compelling investment opportunities.



Some Like It Hot: Fiscal Policy, Inflation and the Role of Real Assets

QMA discusses how a real asset strategy may be implemented to help protect institutional portfolios in inflationary periods.

Positioning Portfolios for Fixed Income Risk: Key Fault Lines in the Global Earthquake Zone

A paper from PGIM Fixed Income discusses diagnosing and positioning for tectonic shifts in the financial markets.   

Real Estate Debt:
A Rising Asset Class

Real estate debt has a risk-return profile that enhances its appeal for institutional investors. Learn more in this video from PGIM Real Estate.

Using Scenario Analysis to Look at a Company’s Range of Outcomes

Warren Koontz Jr., CFA, Managing Director at Jennison Associates LLC., discusses his approach to value investing.

Not So Risky Business: Why Risk Regulations are Good for the CMBS Industry

Why new financial oversight regulations could be beneficial for the CMBS market.