PGIM’s asset managers provide forward-looking analyses of market forces impacting the coming quarter, and concise reviews of key market activity, formulated for the institutional investor.


QMA’s Market Pulse – Why the Tax Bill Might Lift Earnings and Equities in 2018

In the latest Market Pulse, QMA’s Ed Keon, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, examines the implications of the Tax Bill and why earnings estimates are likely to rise as a result in 2018.

Can We Predict the Next Market Crash?

Although the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 is almost a decade behind us, its ghost continues to haunt the investment landscape, particularly as risk markets reach new highs. For those searching for signs of the next crisis, the bricks in their wall of worry include, amongst others, high debt levels, tighter central bank policies, a hard landing in China, and heightened geopolitical uncertainty.

Global Macro Matters:
What's Up With Global Inflation?

In the first of a series, author Nathan Sheets, PhD outlines a compelling case for inflation expectations to be low, stable, and well anchored. This means that investors have good empirical reasons both for requiring low inflation compensation for holding bonds and for demanding relatively small compensation for inflation risk.

The 20th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference

"Building Meaningful Lives"
April 30 - May 3, 2017 | Los Angeles

PGIM is proud to be a gold sponsor of the 20th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference, which brings together brilliant minds that possess the ability to move the world forward in a variety of ways. Milken’s commitment to the power of ideas makes this a dynamic forum where we can contribute our expertise while gaining new ideas from the vast network of accomplished and influential people from all over the globe.

Q4 2017 Market Outlooks

PGIM’s asset managers provide outlooks for the current global economic landscape. Read more to find the investment trends and projections to look for as a result of macro trends and risk events.



Q3 2017 Market Outlooks
Q2 2017 Market Outlooks
Q1 2017 Market Outlooks

2016 Elections

With over a century of experience managing money, including through times when major events have caused significant volatility, our managers actively evaluate the fundamentals to achieve better outcomes for clients.


The U.K. decision to make a so-called “Brexit” from the European Union, while a significant event with far-reaching political, financial and economic implications, will play out over a fairly long period. Investor concerns are understandable, but it’s important to avoid overreacting to current volatility.