The global economy is synchronized, experiencing accelerated growth and is essentially firing on all cylinders. As the global economic expansion shifts into gear, yet again, will 2017 be a tough act to follow? PGIM’s investment managers provide diverse outlooks from the perspective of their portfolio managers and asset classes.

1st Quarter Outlook

The two diverging factors set to unfold in 2018—a broad loosening of US fiscal policy countered by gradually tightening monetary policies among some of the world’s major central banks—underscore investors’ challenge of recognizing directional cues throughout the year. In this edition of the Quarterly Outlook, PGIM Fixed Income examines what these signals might look like across the fixed income markets, the global economy, and the various corporate sectors.





Q1 2018 Outlook & Review

After a year that saw the S&P 500 Index return more than 20%, QMA predicts stocks will again outpace bonds in 2018 — potentially, again, by a very wide margin. While QMA's base case, outlined in its 2018 Outlook & Review "Goldilocks Growth and the Missing Bears," calls for S&P returns in the 10% range, the firm also envisions scenarios that could have 2018 nearly matching 2017's surprise breakout year for equities. 



Trends 2018: Global Real Estate Trends Set to Shape the Next 12 Months

PGIM Real Estate’s latest Investment Research Paper, “Trends for 2018,” identifies eight major occupier and investment trends that it expects to influence market conditions and investment performance in 2018 and beyond.

Global Investment Outlook & Strategy

John Praveen’s 2018 Year Ahead Global Investment Outlook expects further equity market gains in 2018, fueled by continued strong earnings growth, solid, synchronized global GDP growth and implementation of US tax cuts. Further, stocks have liquidity support with BoJ QE and rate cuts in some Emerging Markets. Finally, policy normalization by the Fed, ECB and BoE is likely to be gradual.


Pensions & Investments

Future Looking Bright for Active Management

Taimur Hyat, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Marketing and External Relations, PGIM

Commercial Property Executive

Drivers of Investment Success for 2018

Paige Hood and Marcia Diaz, PGIM Real Estate Finance

Financial Times

Buoyant Emerging Markets Face a Testing 2018

Arvind Rajan, Head of Global and Macro, PGIM Fixed Income

Wall Street Journal

Private-Equity Funds Focused on Property Raising Less Capital

Alfonso Munk, Chief Investment Officer, PGIM Real Estate