With over a century of experience managing money, including through times when major events have caused significant volatility, our managers actively evaluate the fundamentals to achieve better outcomes for clients. We are pleased to provide a range of insights about the implications of the U.S. election from some of the asset class experts across PGIM’s multi-manager model. Our managers are asset class specialists who offer analysis across the range of public and private securities, including a full range of debt instruments.

Post-Election Perspectives

The markets reacted decisively to the Trump presidential election with a risk-on rally and a notable steepening in the Treasury yield curve. As the markets continue to digest the election outcome, we’re taking a look at some of the macro and market implications of a Trump presidency and a Republican controlled Congress. 

Perspectives on the U.S. Election

The deep division between the U.S. presidential candidates not only underscores the country’s political polarization, but it also reflects the rise in public frustration with slow economic growth and broad income inequality. 

Perspectives on Global Political Risks

With the markets more attuned to political risks following the Brexit vote and its consequent uncertainty, this summary represents Fixed Income’s views on near-term political hotspots occurring in the coming months.

Michael Collins joins CNBC to discuss how the trump presidency may affect the markets



Investing for a Trump Presidency

Donald Trump and Republicans won a clear victory on election day. What does that mean for our clients' money? How might we adjust asset allocation in anticipation of a new administration? Of course, it will take some time to analyze the full impact of potential policy changes, and things like key leadership posts and actual policy initiatives will surely modify our stance over time. Uncertainty remains high. However, based on what we know now, QMA offers some preliminary thoughts.

QMA's Ed Keon on CNBC discussing opportunities to invest under Trump presidency

U.S. Election Results and Implications for Americas Real Estate

The U.S. Presidential election result marks a significant shift in the “status quo” with the unexpected win of Donald Trump. As compared to the UK vote to leave the European Union in June, the surprise U.S. election vote is likely to be viewed as having far more significant global repercussions. As a result, most of the attention in the next few weeks will be focused on the likely volatility in financial markets. However, as we also learned from the UK “Brexit” vote, this volatility may provide little or no usable information about what happens next, particularly with regards to commercial real estate markets. While we will be mindful of this volatility when making near-term investment decisions, we are mostly focused on the longer-term impacts of the likely policy shifts under a Trump administration.

Trump Presidency – Economic & Market Implications

Pramerica International Investments Advisors discusses the impact of the surprise Trump victory in the U.S. Presidential elections and Republican party retaining control of U.S. Congress on the economy, markets and sectors. 

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