Investment Implications of an Aging World

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An Introduction

For the first time in recorded history, the old will outnumber the young. Global aging has profound consequences for governments, businesses and consumers. In this video introduction, PGIM's David Hunt and Taimur Hyat discuss the key investable implications of this mega-trend. 

A Silver Lining

The unprecedented aging of the global population creates increased opportunities in senior housing, multifamily condos, biotech, and the emerging silvertech industry. Institutional investors should consider how this megatrend could affect their portfolios, given the trend's evolving impact on consumer spending and far-reaching effects on emerging nations, home to two-thirds of the worlds elderly.

Longevity & Liabilities: Bridging the Gap

The rise in global life expectancy has implications for pension plan liabilities that are not fully appreciated. As new mortality tables demonstrate, longevity risk to pension liabilities could increase dramatically over the next two to three decades with the potential to worsen a plan’s risk profile, reduce funded status and lead to unforeseen costs. DB plan sponsors need to understand the levers they can pull to counter the threat of growing liabilities. PGIM’s new report, Longevity & Liabilities: Bridging the Gap, examines the challenge and the available risk mitigation strategies.

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Longevity in the Press Set your watch by this mega-trend

During recent Bloomberg Markets appearances, PGIM Chief Strategy Officer, Taimur Hyat, discusses long-term investment trends resulting from global aging, as well as the costs of longevity risk. 

PGIM’s Karen McQuiston shares her perspective on longevity risk and the systemic challenges to retirement in this Pensions & Investments article.

Articles on Longevity

The Business of Aging

Explore articles and infographics developed as part of our content partnership with WSJ Custom Studios that explores the investment opportunities arising from global aging.

Health in a Pill

Smart pills that detect the earliest signs of cancer aren't as far off as you think. Forays into the health of the future suggest that these technologies will change from predictive to proactive.

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Silicon Valley Moves the Needle on Curing Aging

Silicon Valley has recently turned its attention towards longevity, powering an important cultural change on the topic,

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Two Strategies for Repairing Humans

Breakthroughs in the field of regenerative medicine are allowing us to live longer, healthier lives. Today growing human organs in the lab or re-writing DNA are realities that will change the world. 

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Should Rationing Health Care Favor the Young, or the Old?

Kenneth Howse, an expert who has investigated health policy, intergenerational equity, and ethical questions surrounding aging, discusses the topic.

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Fighting Diseases by Fighting Aging

Professor S. Jay Olshansky, at the University of Illinois, thinks there’s a revolution coming in the way we age by slowing down the thing most associated with diseases: aging itself.  

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Real Estate Investment Insights

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Investing in Tomorrow’s Cities

It's fueling economic revitalization in cities from San Francisco to Manhattan to Berlin. It's driving unprecedented growth from Shenzhen to Sao Paulo. And it’s going to require $50 trillion in backing over the next 15 years alone to succeed. Peter Hayes, Global Head of Investment Research, PGIM Real Estate discusses the prime time paradigm of urban investment.

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Getting Better with Age

Investment Opportunities in Senior Housing

Noah Levy, managing director and senior portfolio manager for PGIM Real Estate's Senior Housing business, participates in a discussion on investment opportunities in senior housing in the Institutional Real Estate/American Senior Housing Association special supplement.

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Silver Lining Video Series


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