Weekly View: Monitoring “Stall Speed” Indicators

Kick off the week with PGIM Fixed Income’s view from the desk, which offers a concise snapshot of macro trends, rates, emerging market debt and more. 

Venezuela at the Crossroads

January 2019

This paper provides an update on the current situation in Venezuela, provides potential market implications, and explores factors for a successful transition.

Brexit Update—The Path(s) Ahead as Deadlines Loom

January 2019

Nearly two and a half years after the initial vote, the Brexit process—as well as the country’s deep political divisions—remain as inscrutable and intractable as ever.

The Fed’s Dovish Hike – But is it Enough for Markets?

December 2018 

In this piece, PGIM Fixed Income discusses how the risk off tone following this week’s FOMC decision may be reflective of a market that was disappointed that the Fed wasn’t yet more dovish.

China's Bond Market Opening—Gentle Giant or Behemoth?

December 2018

This paper highlights recent key developments, relevant technical specifics, and the intertwined macroeconomic and regulatory idiosyncrasies that investors need to be cognizant of in order to fully realize the potential of this new investment opportunity.

Another Sharp Pullback, but Not the Start of a Bear Market

October 2018 

The sharp pullback in stocks seen in October is another correction in an ongoing bull market, not the start of a bear market, according to QMA’s Global Multi-Asset Solutions team in a new Market Pulse. 

A New Chapter for the Brazilian Economy?

October 2018 

Jair Bolsonaro’s victory and the reshuffle in congress reflects the underlying anti-establishment sentiment that characterized Brazil’s latest general election. 


First Hand Perspective on Sub-Saharan Africa 

May 2018 

As major central banks continue to withdraw policy accommodation, the sustainability of the external debt accumulated by frontier markets— particularly Sub-Saharan Africa—has come into question, prompting Giancarlo Perasso, Lead Economist, PGIM Fixed Income, to visit the region. In this video, Perasso provides his assessment of the fundamentals in Angola, Kenya, and Zambia and how our positioning aligns with these views. 

The Divergence in Global Growth: 1Q19 Market Outlooks & Reviews

The declining growth rates in 2018 could mean that investors approach 2019 with greater trepidation while bracing for impact. PGIM’s leading macroeconomists and investment experts provide their perspectives on the implications of the pause in quantitative easing by the Fed, a weakening US dollar, more decisive stimulus from China, major occupier and investment trends influencing global real estate markets and much more.