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PGIM’s asset managers provide outlooks covering the bond market, asset allocation and real estate for 2017. Read more to find the investment trends and projections to look out for as a result of the election-related uncertainty and its far-reaching implications.


David Hunt, PGIM’s president and CEO, discusses on Bloomberg what investors should consider and monitor once Donald Trump becomes president, noting that “we need to see investments in fundamental infrastructure, ‘not a bridge to nowhere.’”

2nd Quarter Outlook

The Second Quarter Outlook examines the secular fundamentals still underpinning the bond market, the driving forces behind the "reflation" trend, and the issues that may become the most contentious during the Brexit negotiations. 

Q1 2017 Outlook & Review


Up until two months ago, most economists assumed the global economy would remain in a prolonged pattern of low interest rates, low inflation and low growth for the foreseeable future. As QMA notes in its Q1 2017 Outlook & Review, quite possibly the biggest surprise to come out of the U.S. November presidential election has been the change to this narrative. 

Ed Keon, managing director and portfolio manager at QMA, discusses the factors that can impact the U.S. growth outlook for 2017. He speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."

Ed Campbell, QMA managing director, provides his outlook on the markets ahead of President-elect Trump taking office on a panel with David Bailin, Citi Private Bank on CNBC: Squawk Box.

Investment Research: Trends for 2017

In PGIM Real Estate’s latest Investment Research Paper, major occupier and investment trends are identified that are expected to influence market conditions and investment performance in 2017 and beyond.

  Read about the global real estate trends set to shape the next 12 months

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2017 Global Investment Outlook

John Praveen’s 2017 Year Ahead Global Investment Outlook expects the global equity markets rally to continue into 2017 with strong earnings rebound, improved global GDP growth with Trump reflation, liquidity support from ECB & BoJ QE buying and rate cuts by some emerging central banks, and stocks still cheap relative to bonds.

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