Long-term views on the investment implications of global megatrends.

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Investment Implications of Disruptive Change

The Technology Frontier

We are living in an era of unprecedented technological change. At PGIM, we believe the implications for investors will be profound, radically transforming investment opportunities across asset classes and geographies.


Globalization, nationalism and the implications for institutional investors

The End of Sovereignty?

Never before in history have people, information and capital move across borders at the speed, frequency and volume we see today. PGIM's latest white paper takes a closer look at globalization, nationalism, and the implications for institutional investors.



Investment Implications of the New EM Landscape


Emerging Markets at The Crossroads

A radical shift in the forces shaping emerging market growth will require investors to take a different investment approach from what may have worked in the past. Increasingly, discovering investment opportunities will be rooted in the ability to capture the alpha from the new growth drivers, rather than in chasing the beta of the broad universe.


Investment Implications of an Aging World



An Introduction to A Silver Lining

For the first time in recorded history, the old will outnumber the young. Global aging has profound consequences for governments, businesses and consumers. In this video introduction, PGIM’s David Hunt and Taimur Hyat discuss the key investable implications of this megatrend.

A Silver Lining: The Investment Implications of an Aging World

The unprecedented aging of the global population creates increased opportunities in senior housing, multifamily condos, biotech, and the emerging silvertech industry. Institutional investors should consider how this megatrend could affect their portfolios, given the trend’s evolving impact on consumer spending and far-reaching effects on emerging nations, home to two-thirds of the world's elderly.

Longevity & Liabilities: Bridging the Gap

The rise in global life expectancy has implications for pension plan liabilities that are not fully appreciated. As new mortality tables demonstrate, longevity risk to pension liabilities could increase dramatically over the next two to three decades. This report examines the challenge and the available risk mitigation strategies.



Investment Implications of Urbanization



An Introduction to The Wealth of Cities

In this insightful discussion, PGIM’s David Hunt and Taimur Hyat examine the investable implications of urban expansion, focusing on long-term investment opportunities within four key themes: infrastructure, real estate, consumer goods/ services for the growing middle class, and the agricultural supply chain.

The Wealth of Cities: The Investment Implications of Urban Expansion

Never in history has the pace of urbanization been so rapid: 60 to 70 million people moving to cities every year for the next few decades. To help institutional investors benefit from this "prime time" of urbanization, we identified a range of specific investment ideas across the major investable themes of this opportune megatrend.