Second Quarter 2020

Responding to a Crisis: The Outlook for the Covid-19 Economy

As the world contemplates the cataclysmic events of the first quarter, investors are left wondering, “what’s next?” PGIM’s experts offer perspective on how financial markets may respond to the ongoing economic and humanitarian crisis, and more.


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FOLIO 2020

Investing for a New Decade: Bolder Thinking for Better Outcomes

The next 10 years are sure to offer some promising opportunities for investors. Explore a new collection of investment ideas from PGIM experts across fixed income, equities, private debt, real estate and retirement, among others.

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Assessing Sub-Saharan Africa’s Long-Term Growth Upside

In this paper, PGIM Fixed Income shares our constructive, medium- to long-term growth outlook for the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region, recognizing that growth is a crucial component of debt sustainability. The paper assesses key longstanding features of SSA economies such as their economic dependence on commodity exports, population growth, fiscal policies, and governance. Lastly, we review how well SSA countries are prepared to tackle the challenges of climate change across the region.

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