The Divergence in Global Growth:
1Q19 Market Outlooks & Reviews

The declining growth rates in 2018 could mean that investors approach 2019 with greater trepidation while bracing for impact. PGIM’s leading macroeconomists and investment experts provide their perspectives on the implications of the pause in quantitative easing by the Fed, a weakening US dollar, more decisive stimulus from China, major occupier and investment trends influencing global real estate markets and much more.

Africa’s Rising External Debt, Part 1: A Tempest in a Teapot?

Giancarlo Perasso, Lead Economist CEEMA, Global Macroeconomic Research, and Elizabeth Doppelt, Analyst, Global Macroeconomic Research,

The growth of government debt in Africa has accelerated in recent years, giving it renewed prominence in the debate amongst investors, international organizations, and policymakers. In this paper, PGIM Fixed Income analyzes Africa’s external debt and concludes that market chatter about a debt restructuring is premature, and African countries have a viable path forward.