The 2019 Milken Institute Global Conference DRIVING SHARED PROSPERITY

PGIM is a Strategic Partner of the Milken Institute and has been a proud sponsor of the Milken Global Conference for four consecutive years. This event brings together the leading minds in business, technology, government, media, philanthropy, health care, and entertainment to deliver novel, collaborative responses to the great social and economic questions of our time.

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David Hunt

President and CEO, PGIM

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Time of Transition

Times of transition are when investors have to make their most important decisions. As we enter into a new phase of the market cycle, The Milken Global Conference opening finance panel will discuss global conditions and where they see structural areas of growth. While panelists will discuss intricacies of monetary tightening, trade tension, and too much debt this session will also touch on some of the most pressing socio-economic issues of the modern day; i.e., how to make capitalism work for everyone and drive shared prosperity.

Nathan Sheets

Chief Economist and Head of Global Macroeconomic Research, PGIM Fixed Income

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The Macroeconomic Outlook: A Balancing Act

Now that the yield-curve has inverted for the first time since 2007, should investors brace for impact? Few indicators have been more accurate, or followed, than the spread of short- and long-term Treasuries. In combination with the Fed's recent pivot to a more dovish stance and the continued slack in global growth, the macroeconomic outlook does look gloomy. But if staying on the sidelines is no option, how can investors make sense of—and find value in—a volatile environment that seems to be dominated by socioeconomic developments?

Kathy Sayko

Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer, PGIM

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Walking the Talk: Are D&I Policies Shifting Corporate Culture?

Companies are increasingly adopting quotas, implementing reporting and transparency measures, and investing in professional development all in the name of creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. But are these policies working and how widely adhered to are they? How committed are companies to creating environments of belonging, in addition to the financial and performance returns on diversity practices? How are candidates and clients holding companies accountable? What fundamental impact has the adoption of D&I-focused policies had on shifting corporate culture?





Explore PGIM Investment Opportunities In Augmented Reality

At this year’s Milken Institute Global Conference, attendees got a first look at PGIM’s new interactive Augmented Reality (AR) Experience. From a Chilean lithium mine, a bustling emerging market seaport to technology disrupting consumer goods delivery, viewers explored PGIM’s active pursuit of outperformance up close and in person. Over the next several months, the AR Experience will be featured at several conferences and events worldwide.



Asset Management Outlook

Featuring Steve Goulart, Nobel Gulati, Ron O’Hanley, David Hunt and Ron Mock.

Macroeconomic Outlook

Featuring Seema Shah, Nathan Sheets and Christopher Smart.



The Technology Frontier


The End of Sovereignty?


Emerging Markets at The Crossroads

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