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PGIM Institutional Advisory & Solutions


Institutional Investing in Real Assets

Real assets can play a vital role in institutional portfolios, and PGIM’s Institutional Advisory & Solutions (IAS) group has done extensive research estimating real asset sensitivities to both macroeconomic variables and traditional financial market performance. In a recent webinar, PGIM experts discussed their findings and expanded on opportunities available within the real asset space.



What's In Your Real Assets Portfolio? Introducing RASA

Institutional investors have been increasing their allocations to real assets, and we recently highlighted the diversity of those assets as it relates to their sensitivities to various economic and financial-market factors. We’ve now extended our analysis to real asset portfolios, noting that portfolios with similar asset class allocations may have different macroeconomic and market sensitivities. Using our RASA™ framework, investors can identify real asset funds and construct real asset portfolios that are better aligned to their investment objectives.



How the Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights the Diversity in Real Assets

PGIM Institutional Advisory & Solutions’ Harsh Parikh shares an article from his new blog on investing in real assets. In the article, Parikh reminds us that during this difficult time, the rush for orange juice to build immunity, toilet paper for sanitation, home deliveries in lockdown, internet to study and work from home, and gold coins for safety have a common theme: real assets. He also revisits the teams latest research on real assets and highlights how the global pandemic-led recession and market selloff underscore the diversity in real assets.

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The Diversity of Real Assets: Portfolio Construction for Institutional Investors

Is the combination of real assets in an institutional portfolio meeting the investor’s investment objectives? Investors may arbitrarily group real assets into a single category when constructing their portfolios. However, real assets exhibit diverse features and macroeconomic sensitivities that should be carefully assessed during the portfolio construction process.

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Institutional Gold!

Is there a role for gold investments in an institutional portfolio? Although gold has not performed well compared to other institutional assets, the role for this commodity lies in its diversification and hedging benefits. In this piece, the IAS team examines the potential long-term role of gold in institutional portfolios from three different perspectives.

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