Q&A: C-Suite Insights with David Hunt and Catherine Verhoff


David Hunt recently discussed the need to correctly understand the ‘active-passive’ debate in a recent interview with Ellen Kinlin, CEO of the Kinlin Company, for her Women’s Executives C-Suite Insights blog. Hunt said, “Our active strategies are designed to work in an investor’s portfolio in such a way that they complement a selection of more easily accessible beta, which we believe also plays a role in many investors’ portfolios. In other words, this is a question of how alpha and beta should work together — and not a question of one or the other.” Hunt also discussed the often-misunderstood role of alternatives in a portfolio, along with the need for diverse leadership within the asset management industry.

Joining Hunt in the interview, Catherine Verhoff, Chief Diversity Officer for PGIM, discussed what she finds important in the asset management sector to ensure more success for female executives and the progress PGIM is making in that area. “I think the issue of diversity, especially gender equality, is very complicated and something that needs to be attacked from a lot of different directions. We’re trying to show managers that diversity of thought is really important to the success of a business and we’re coming at it from a lot of different perspectives.”