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Current macroeconomic data and market trends in fixed income, equity, and real assets, to help inform your investment decisions.

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Economic & Market Outlooks

Each quarter our asset managers provide outlooks covering the bond, equity and real estate markets along with views on asset allocation. Read their perspectives on the latest economic and market trends.

Whitepapers & Commentary

Explore recent whitepapers and commentary authored by thought leaders across PGIM.

Featured Content

Key Equity Themes for 2019

Jennison Associates provides a review of 2018 equity market performance, their view on recent market volatility, insights into important equity themes for 2019, and where they’re finding the most attractive opportunities.

The Fed’s Dovish Hike, But is it Enough for Markets?

The Fed raised rates in December 2018. PGIM Fixed Income discusses how the risk off tone following the FOMC’s decision may be reflective of a market that was disappointed that the Fed wasn’t yet more dovish.

The Technology Frontier

We are living in an era of unprecedented technological change. At PGIM, we believe the implications for investors will be profound, radically transforming investment opportunities across asset classes and geographies.

China’s Bond Market Opening – Gentle Giant or Behemoth

The opening of China’s onshore bond market marks a historic juncture. PGIM Fixed Income highlights recent key developments, relevant technical specifics, and the intertwined macroeconomic and regulatory idiosyncrasies that investors need to be cognizant of in order to fully realize the potential of this new investment opportunity.

More Thought Leadership

The Economics of Global Aging

The global economy is in the midst of an accelerating demographic transition, and the implications of this shift for macroeconomic performance and financial markets are sobering. PGIM Fixed Income looks how aging demographics tend to result in softer real GDP growth, higher public debt levels, and lower inflation.

Continued Conviction in Tech Titans Post Recent Earnings Cycle

Popular tech giants recently reported good earnings overall for the third quarter. However, as confidence in the markets has wavered, there weren’t strong rallies in these stocks. To the contrary, after a fairly linear growth trajectory and record highs in 2018, many tech heavyweights have seen their stock prices pull back. Jennison provides insights into why they maintain conviction in these companies.

Oscillating Oil Prices and Overblown Sentiment

WTI crude oil prices sold off in late 2018 raising investor concerns as to whether the oil commodity market entered a sustained bear market. Jennison Associates explains why barring a global recession or trade war, they do not believe this to be the case.

Disruptive Technologies in Biopharmaceuticals and Medical Diagnostics

Jennison Associates explores how advances in scientific knowledge and technology are fueling the unprecedented flow of innovative new biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic tools that address serious unmet medical needs.

Lower Range to Drive Stealth Bull Market In Bonds

With strong economic growth and central banks either tightening or preparing to tighten monetary policy, some forecasters may think the bear case for DM rates has strengthened. PGIM Fixed Income reviews evidence supporting a “low for longer” thesis for DM rates over the long term.

FAANG Stocks: Game Over or Still in the Early Innings?

Despite recent volatility, FAANG stocks were on a tear in 2018, raising investor concerns about them being overvalued. Jennison Associates provides insights on each FAANG company’s business model and reviews potential growth opportunities over the longer term.

Digital Payments: Faster, Cheaper, and More Convenient

The worldwide shift from cash to physical cards and then digital payments offers tremendous opportunities for investors. Jennison Associates provides insights into the industry landscape, key players, and the fastest growing segments.

The Fed's Swap Lines During the Crisis: Lender of the Last Resort on a Global Scale

A decade after the worst of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), PGIM Fixed Income looks back at the instability of the global financial system and details the role of the Federal Reserve as the international lender of last resort.

The Long and the Short of It: The Quant Shorting Advantage

Why utilize short selling? QMA examines how short selling can be a powerful tool to broaden the set of alpha opportunities, with some shorting-enabled products even lowering overall portfolio risk and helping preserve capital during market drawdowns.

Fixed Income: The Active Advantage

Despite lower costs, passive investors are giving up opportunity for alpha in exchange for relatively small savings. This paper explores performance and important idiosyncrasies of the fixed income market that investors should consider when choosing between active and passive.