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Secular Growth in Unprecedented Times

These are unprecedented times on both macro and individual company levels. This new disruption is at a massive scale, and may set a wider gap between the winners and losers. From the market’s peak through the end of the first quarter, large cap growth stocks have held up better than most other stocks, in both the U.S. and around the world. Against this backdrop, Jennison believes growth outperformance is likely to persist, as companies that were leading the market before the current crisis will likely continue to lead once the crisis subsides.

A Guide To Navigating Uncertain Markets

As the fallout from the coronavirus continues, investors’ increasing concerns are driving heightened market volatility. Investors worldwide are focused on the continuing impact of the coronavirus and where markets will go from here. This guide offers seven tips to help investors avoid common pitfalls and stay focused on their long-term investment goals.

Global Equity Markets: How Low Can They Go?

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has triggered a global health crisis, rocked global financial markets, and caused a sudden stop in the global economy. Global equity markets have melted down at a dizzying pace, and volatility has surged to levels not seen since the global financial crisis. The S&P 500 Index has experienced its fastest-ever descent into bear market territory from a record high on February 19.

The Fed Quickly Surpasses Its Financial Crisis Efforts

"The Federal Reserve has rolled out an extraordinary phalanx of measures. It has cut its policy to zero, reopened its swap lines, unleashed unlimited QE purchases of Treasuries and agency MBS, and—in conjunction with Treasury—taken steps to support a range of risky assets. Already these measures exceed the force and scope of the interventions put in place during the global financial crisis. The Fed is signaling that it will do whatever it takes to restore liquidity and smooth functioning to financial markets."

More Thought Leadership

The Fed’s Further Action to Combat the Virus Fallout

The Fed continues to follow its playbook from the global financial crisis—announcing a broad-based package of monetary-easing measures. By any historical standard, the scale and scope of these actions was extraordinary. Even so, markets were expecting extraordinary action and have fallen since the Fed’s announcement. PGIM Fixed Income believes the Fed’s moves are significant and will, over time, provide important support to the economy and markets.

Finding the Polar Bear in a Snowstorm

These are extraordinary times, and no one can predict the immediate future with any great confidence. What should long-term investors of the extraordinary market behavior in the last few days and weeks, and how should they respond? Although it’s very tempting to wait on the sidelines, most investors don’t have that luxury with their decision-making. QMA shares their views in this commentary.

OPEC & Covid-19: Energy Sector Implications

As coronavirus fears spread, worries about its implications on the economy and overall effects on global oil demand kicked off a decline in crude oil prices. Jennison Associates provides insights on why they believe demand growth will resume over the long term. They also acknowledge that the supply picture has changed as both Saudi Arabia and Russia are out for market share, which will likely putting near-term pressure on the market.

Prospects for Global Potential Growth: The Next Decade

The slowing in global growth during the past two years frames a key question for investors: How is global potential growth likely to perform in the years ahead, say for example, over the next decade? PGIM Fixed Income focuses their analysis on two clear—and they believe predictable—trends that will shape global economic performance going forward.

Q&A with QMA: Rethinking ESG

Gavin Smith, PhD, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager on QMA’s Quantitative Equity team, discusses the difficulties with current ESG offerings, as well as the likely evolution of a viable framework for ESG investors.

Wealth Inequality - A Tale of the Diverging Tails

PGIM Fixed Income examines the underlying drivers of the widening wealth distribution and its potential economic effects. The policy prescriptions to narrow wealth inequality include further steps to encourage home ownership across economic cohorts and additional efforts to expand middle-class participation in pension vehicles.

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