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  • Bringing you a top 10 money manager powering PGIM Funds1​
  • PGIM Investments delivers funds globally spanning key asset classes2
  • PGIM’s manager tenure averages 16 years, and their average investment experience is 23 years

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We offer a diversified suite of actively managed strategies across a broad spectrum of asset classes and investment styles managed by our affiliated asset managers.

PGIM Fixed Income

One of the largest and most experienced fixed-income managers in the industry.

PGIM Real Estate

Experienced manager in public and private real estate investments with deep knowledge of local and regional markets.

Jennison Associates

Fundamental equity manager featuring growth, value, blend, global and specialty strategies.


Experts in developing innovative equity and asset allocation strategies to meet a broad range of investment objectives.

Revisting the Global Credit Cycle

The new, pro-growth U.S. administration and rising global political risks could affect the current credit cycle in several ways, including an acceleration due to changes in regulatory and tax policies and an elevation in tail risks that requires heightened monitoring.

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Is the Tide Starting to Turn for Active Managers?

After several years of active manager struggles, there has been a pronounced shift towards passive investing. This paper discusses why we believe many of the headwinds active managers have faced are temporary and why we believe they’re starting to fade.

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Sources of data (unless otherwise noted) are as of 30/6/2017.

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  2. 73 funds domiciled in the United States and 24 funds domiciled in Ireland. Funds domiciled in Ireland can not be purchased by investors in the  United States.