To help navigate today’s complex market environment, IAS delivers comprehensive portfolio-level advisory services to institutional clients worldwide and works closely with the PGIM Institutional Relationship Group to provide access to expertise across our asset managers. 


The IAS team provides objective, data-informed analysis to help Chief Investment Officers and Investment Committees manage their portfolios. IAS offers an array of services that include: 

  • Advising institutions on asset allocation and portfolio construction
  • Delivering bespoke research, portfolio- and asset-level analysis, and multi-asset class strategic recommendations based on an institution’s specific objectives
  • Providing insights on institutional portfolio management through published research and other communication
  • Building proprietary tools and models, leveraging the resources across PGIM




Riders in the Storm: How Volatility Events Affect Private Asset Class Performance

By: Junying Shen, Senior Associate, PGIM IAS

The PGIM IAS team’s latest analysis of private asset performance before, during and after volatility events supports its earlier findings concerning public assets.

The Probability of Recession: A Critique of a New Forecasting Technique

By: Noah Weisberger, PhD, Managing Director and Vishv Jeet, PhD, Vice President, PGIM IAS

PGIM’s IAS team breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of “Mahalanobis distance,” a measure that is able to identify post-war US recession probability, and explores the metric’s potential as a market timing tool.

What's In Your Real Assets Portfolio? Introducing RASA

By: Harsh Parikh, PhD
Principal and Head of Real Assets Research Program, PGIM IAS

Using our RASA™ framework, investors can identify real asset funds and construct real asset portfolios that are better aligned to their investment objectives.

Institutional Investing in Commodities

Commodities can serve an important role in a multi-asset institutional portfolio, both strategically, as a diversifying asset class or as an inflation or growth hedge, and tactically, as a return enhancer. Thought leaders from PGIM’s Institutional Advisory & Solutions (IAS) group and QMA’s multi-asset solutions team recently got together to discuss the challenges and possible opportunities for institutional investors investing in commodities.



IFSWF Exclusive Webcast Replay: Building a Better Portfolio – Balancing Performance and Liquidity

In an exclusive webcast hosted by GIC, the IAS and GIC teams discuss their new research and framework that links top-down asset allocation with bottom-up private-asset investing. During the presentation to members of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF), the teams explain how different portfolio structures, private asset commitment strategies and market conditions may affect their ability to respond to various liquidity demands over multiple time periods.

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IAS is focused on understanding the concerns and objectives of Chief Investment Officers and their Investment Committees to deliver unbiased portfolio-level advisory services to institutional clients worldwide. This team of expert research professionals offers customized asset allocation, portfolio construction, benchmark selection and other portfolio management solutions to help achieve desired outcomes. To learn more about PGIM’s investment advisory capabilities, contact the IAS team.


PGIM’s Institutional Relationship Group provides specialized, regional coverage to clients around the world. By fostering relationships and developing a deep understanding of each client’s investment needs and goals, they identify the solutions and strategies across PGIM to best help meet investment objectives. 

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