New EXceptional Technologies



How are the New Growth Players taking the Lead?

Take an interactive journey through the key themes driving the NEXT Economy. It focuses on the reasons why these themes bring changes to our lives, the evidence of their success over traditional industries and how investors can profit from them.


Focusing Research on Disruption and Innovation

Portfolio Manager Mark Baribeau discusses the importance of focusing research into innovation and disruption, and how an active, concentrated approach to global equities can potentially generate significant alpha opportunities.


PGIM Fixed Income 1Q Outlook

While 2020 might not bring a similar degree of performance as 2019, there are indeed reasons to consider why the bond market—as well as the global economy—may remain on a positive, albeit slightly lower, trajectory this year.



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  • Bringing you a top 10 money manager powering PGIM Funds1​
  • PGIM Investments delivers funds globally spanning key asset classes2
  • PGIM’s manager tenure averages 16 years, and their average investment experience is 23 years

Die Manager hinter unseren Strategien

Wir bieten eine diversifizierte Palette aktiv verwalteter Strategien über ein breites Spektrum von Anlageklassen und Anlagestilen hinweg, die von unseren verbundenen Vermögensverwaltern verwaltet werden.

PGIM Fixed Income

Einer der größten und erfahrensten Fixed-Income-Manager der Branche.

PGIM Real Estate

Erfahrener Manager für öffentliche und private Real Estate Anlagestrategien mit fundierter Kenntnis lokaler und regionaler Märkte.

Jennison Associates

Fundamental ausgerichteter Aktien-Manager mit Growth-, Value-, Blend-, Global- und Spezialstrategien.


Ein Pionier im Bereich quantitativer Investments, der Aktien- und dynamische Asset-Allocation-Lösungen anbietet.

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